Cars that use similar set ups....??

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  1. stevehaz_uk


    I use other peoples set ups from the set up section here... Because there isn't that many for F1 2013 are there any similarities between set ups for different teams e.g. Would set ups for A Red Bull work with say a Mercedes... Is it possible to group the cars into say a number of groups like the tiers that would use similar set ups?
  2. trukrdad


    For this year the 2013 edition I have only used Toro Rosso for the 1st half of a season and am now working with Sauber.
    The Toro Rosso cars are hard to get a good handle on this year. At times they just go squirrely ,sometimes they just wear out the tyres quick even if you do everything to be easy on tyre wear.
    The sauber basically uses the same setup thru each track I've used so far . Some variance in gears and maybe a tweak of a spring but mostly the same.
    All my setups are from here in RD or the bugmasters forum.
    There are players swearing by staying pretty much with a same type of setup for the year not by the track
  3. jarv


    There is an optimal standard setup, you only need to tweak aero/mechanical grip depending on how good the car is.