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Cars Countersteering on their own with assists off?

Discussion in 'Wreckfest' started by CTFordza, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. CTFordza


    I just got this game and when using it with a wheel with all assists off, the wheel in game seems to countersteer the car for you in a slide. There are no options for this as far as I'm aware. This is the most frustratingly terrible thing in this game cause I'd like to powerslide and control the steering myself. It's like stability control is on when it's off. Does anyone have any Solution? It there a setting to change this behavior? It seems a lot like this is what people are complaining about for the physics model tweaking that occurred recently, as I believe I'd only feel and see something like this with a wheel with assists off.
  2. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    There must be some assist on somewhere. Definitely no steering help if they are all (truly) off. Is it a skill setting that overrides the aids settings or some such? Keep fiddling--you'll get it!
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