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  1. I8maus5I


    What wing setup r you guys using for the career mode?
    I know there is a lot of understeer in career mode. But i dont know what to do about.
    I drive legend AI and no assist. Won the championship at my first year(half season pro half season legend)
    This year i made the move to ferrari and had the same problems as in the first year.
    GP hong GP Belg GP Ita in this races you got 2 or 3 turns that will give some heavy understeer. So what to do about it....?
    When i drive a high wing setting the AI passes me on the straights. And if i do a low setting my car will understeer much more. I love a challenge but it's starting to piss me off at the moment.....

    All the help is appriciated
  2. sayonarap


    We need more info. For example, if you're using gamepad, steering wheel or keyboard. And also what exact turns are giving problems. Fast, slow ones or a mix of both?

    Anyway, normaly those understeer problems can be caused by incorrect setup, incorrect controller (wheel/gamepad) settings and/or skill.

    For the setup approach: in my experience, aero is almost useless in F1 2012 so forget about aero grip and go for mechanical grip. That is AntiRoll bars, suspension and alignment.
    Supposedly, you'd get oversteer with harder AR/suspension in rear and softer in front.
    Also, under the alignment tab, you should try higher (I mean, to the right) toe values for front as it will give more responsiveness to the front tyres. If you're using steering wheel, higher toe angles can become a bit tricky in straights.

    For the controller settings approach: if you're using steering wheel, problems can also come from your steering wheel settings. Maybe an incorrect lock angle don't let you take those particular turns correctly. Saturation + linearity can partially alleviate understeer and also help with high toe values.

    And about the skills: well, you said you won WDC in your first year, half pro half legend but, with what race distance? It makes a lot of difference, trust me. I was also capable of wining races with 25% or even 50% races but in 100% things changed a lot.
    It's also said that a lot of understeer problems in F1 2012 are caused by players trying to take turns faster than they should be XD
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  3. I8maus5I


    OK sorry forgot to mention that. Im using a racing wheel. MS xbox360 Racing wheel with FFB.
    these are my settings:
    Steering Deadzone: 0%
    Steering Saturation: 5%
    Steering Linearity: 45%
    Throttle Deadzone: 0%
    Throttle Saturation: 0%
    Brake Deadzone: 0%
    Brake Saturation: 0%

    Env effects 30%
    FFB 50%
    WW 80%

    The turns who are causing these problems are
    GP BEL turn 13/14(right left chicane)
    GP ITA turn 4 and 5
    GP HONG Turn 6(chicane)

    I noticed in TT and quick match the wings are useless. But i was convinced i felt some changes of behaviour when changing the wing settings in career mode... I have tried multiple setups. Tried with setups from this forum... but always that same freaking understeering. I know if you r going to fast you get a lot of understeer. In TA im currently #333 on xbox leaderbord(everbody got the same car and setup so i think i can race a bit)

    Ive tried ARB settings (GP BELG) 3/11, 4/10, 9/9, 4/1
    But turn 12/13 keeps giving me these problems in career mode. In TT i dont have these issues...

  4. TMDoll


    In Spa I ran Aero at 6/3 with Sauber. Whatever you do don't listen to people tell you that 1/1 is all you need. This might work with a McLaren on TT, but in career you definitely need way more wing.

    For example, Force India, Melbourne, Legend AI, 50% race. I need wings at about 9/6 and have a realistic race. If I set to less it is SO noticeable and the under steer is ridiculous especially with high fuel loads.
  5. Chris

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    My wings for the Caterham (My career)
    Spa: F10, R3
    Monza: F4 (sometimes 5, depending on Fuel load), R2

    The reason for having my Spa wings 10 and 3 is because at Spa you dont want a car that understeers. If your car is setup to understeer, you'll really really really suffer through the entire 2nd sector. In better cars like Ferrari and Red bull, you can lower the wings slightly because the cars overall downforce is greater. For the redbull i usually use 9F-3R.

    Also, it could just be your driving style.
    My mate bought F1 2011, and was annoyed that he couldnt match my times, and when i saw him drive, he wouldnt brake at the right points, he didnt setup his car correctly (or at all for that matter), he didnt even know the tracks in some instances.

    Just give it time, practice and more exploration into setting up the car, and you'll be fine. :)
  6. sayonarap


    All I'm saying is that aero is less important in 2012 than 2011 and 2010. I didn't say anywhere that 1/1 is enough. I just tried to mean that we should firstly focus on ARB, suspension stiffness and alignment and then correct aero.
    Plus, high aero only affects quick turns. Slow turns benefits from mechanical grip mainly.
    Just to make it clear XD

    Well, that's the key. If it only happens to you in career and not in TT/TA, then let's look for the difference between career and TT/TA that can affect car balance: fuel simulation. Are you getting into troubles no matter what fuel load or only under specific conditions (full of fuel, low on fuel)
    You did mention ARB but did you also tried different cambers, toes and suspension height/stiffness? It also help a lot balancing the car.
    It happens that BEL turns that give you problems are pretty quick in 3rd/4th gear so aero should also help. But ARB, stiffness and alignment should be fine-tuned along with aero. It's important that everything goes to the same direction (oversteer in this case).

    In ITA in don't see how you can get understeer in turn 6 since it's almost straight. Maybe you meant turns 4 and 5 (the two Lesmos)? If that's the case, then I say the same as in BEL, pretty quick turns. Since Monza is less 'aero dependant', try something like 5/1 or 4/1.

    In HONG... well, I don't even know what GP you mean. There is no a HongKong (my guess) grand prix. Let's try asian tracks after ITA XD
    Singapore's turn 6 is an almost straight curve. Dismissed.
    Korea's turn 6 (actually, 4-5-6) is a chicane but very slow and aero is likely to not be of too much help there. Mechanical grip.
    Japan's turn 6-7 is a combination of turns, but can't be considered a 'chicane' IMO. Anyway, if you don't have understeer problems in turns 2, 3, 4 and 5 I can't see you having problems in turn 6.
    India's turn 6 (turns 6-7), same as in Korea.

    So I have no clue. What track and turns did you mean? Try to use those maps (official F1 maps) to tell us the right turn number:
  7. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Caterham. 2/1 wings. I used that. Can't complain. If you feel you're faster when you're tons slower on the straights and [[theorically]] faster in the corners. OK. It's up to you. But I wouldn't say that's the case in this game.. :D
  8. I8maus5I


    Im sorry for not making myself clear.

    On GP Spa turn 12/13 "Fagnes" and 14 a little bit...
    On GP Monza turn 6 "lesmo"
    On GP hungary turn 6/7 "no name"

    These are pretty quick turns so it has to be my ARB SUSP settings...
    What settings are you using for these tracks on career mode? As i mentioned before iv tried multiple settings but i dont get it right...
  9. sayonarap


    Unfortunately I haven't got any setup as I reinstalled the game. Furthermore, I'm waiting for my wheel (it's under modding @ f1wheelmod right now) and I'm quite focused on Race 07 (still play F1 2012 but not career, only Time Attacks, Champions mode, etc)
  10. kimi_iceman85


    I was in the beginning very sceptical about 1-1, 2-2 wings...but lately I tried, and what a revelation!!! on most tracks I gained from 0.5 to 2 secs a lap....Only in monaco, it doesn't work, still need to have 11-10 ( at least for me, i'm bad there!)
    I now only use 2-1, 2-2, 1-1, 1-2 settings, occasionnaly 3-1. Just have to adapt a little bit, but in the end you gain so much, at least with my driving style. especially with a pad
    Like many others say, mechanical grip is much more important in this game. Antiroll bar, suspension and camber affects grip MUCH more, than wings, that will give you a very litte advantage on fast corners, but will make you lose so much speed on straights.
    The difficult thing is to find the good compromise between tyre wear and grip (but that depends on whether you drive 25% 50% or 100% races)
    But as someone said, setups are 95% based on your driving style and the controller you use.