Career Statistics from v1.38 can be converted to GSC v1.50


Edit: I am realizing that the process below is not complete... for any of the following to work you would have needed to make a backup of your player folder before you launch GSC v 1.50 for the first time.

Otherwise I believe your older CCH files would be overwritten and lost.


With the new v1.50 changes, player career stats are lost... there is a way to save your statistics, it is a bit tedious but you can do it.

CCH files track your racing stats and remember per car custom mirror and seat position settings. The CCH files are text and can be edited with notepad or any other text editor. What has changed is two line in the your CCH.

Your can locate CCH files in your "player folder".... Game Stock Car\UserData\<your PLR name>\

Here is an example of "reiza01.cch" all the other CCH files can be changed the same way... I was only worried about 2 car classes so I did not need to edit all the CCH files.

You will notice the vehicle filters names are changed... top code = v1.38 bottom code = v1.50

Edit your old CCH file from v1.38 and change the filters to the new v1.50 nomenclature and your stats will be compatible with v1.50

The filters are different from one CCH to the next so you need to make sure to match the CCH names when you edit them.

Check this useful post for the new filter names.
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