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Database Career - No Tyre Scaling 1.0

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Original poster
Oct 6, 2013
Hatsu submitted a new resource:

Career - No Tyre Scaling - A database for career mode with no tyre scaling on shorter distances.

The zip contains two database files you can use in 25% and 50% career mode and gives you back the tyre scaling behaviour of F1 2012 = none.

The 100% race distance of career tracks is reduced in each database to the number of laps of a 25% / 50% race and fuel load of the 100% race is adapted in each database to match the shorter distance. Otherwise you would get the fuel amount for a full 100% race and you could run on rich mix the whole race.

Please bear in mind this works best in career...
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Mar 17, 2014
what value in DB is for the fuel .. im thinking of chaning mine to 35% race distance... as 20% too small.. but i want the fuel load to be not 1005 ..