Career mode ideas

Ryan Soucy

Here's a selfish wish for career mode: longer seasons but the ability to run multiple seasons at the same time (run on calendar years).

I am very unimpressed with games that make racing "seasons" 3 races long, or 3 challenges long. Not very immersive at all since how many series in the world are 3 races long?

I used to have a blast in Dirt Track Racing planning my schedule out for 1-2 "months" in advance. My car would usually be eligible for 3 different series. If I hadn't built up my car, I may be a title challenger in one of the series, but I would race in the other two on the off weekends to build up my cash. Or, I race in the top series and fill my year with races in the lower series. I would take a notepad and plan my upcoming races, it was so much fun. A game from Southpeak, Breakneck, had the calendar function built in so you wouldn't need the notepad.

With a game like NCG, you'd need to keep track of the upgrades to make sure you don't disqualify yourself from the lower series if you don't want to. But you could probably utilize a Save Config/Load Config system to help that.

Especially of there's a team metagame within NGC, this would be cool to augment that system. Just no more semi-linear 3-race challenges to progress... we just got more of that with GRID...

Thanks, looking forward to more from Bugbear!