Career, legend difficulty, tips, thoughts?

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  1. Vice Fielder

    Vice Fielder


    I'm going for a 100% legend career season 1, on Lotus.

    But I'm having a lot of trouble with so many different things, I figured I'd ask somewhere about it.

    1st, the description for Toe values are confusing me. I understand the concept roughly, but reading the description there makes me confused.

    In a few words, dragging the sliders to the right will make the wheels less angled, reduce tyre wear, improve acceleration, but reduce stability in straight lines?

    2nd a, about ARBs. higher values allow for tighter corners, less grip and higher tyre wear? What's with '... and will affect tyre wear...'? Couldn't they say if it was gonna wear the more or less?

    2nd b, what happens if I have very different values in front and rear ARBs? Like very high front, and very low rear, and vice-versa?

    3rd, about setups and tyre wear, which factors are caused by the setup itself, or by the driver?

    As in, I understand very low values for camber will make tyres wear quicker. On the other had, on suspension, if I tighten them it's easier to lock front wheels, or wheelspin the rear ones by throtling a bit harder.

    But if I'm being careful with throttling, braking and turning, will stiffer suspensions wear my tyres faster anyway?

    4th, when I run with higher downforce, and a low ride, I see a lot of sparks flying when I look back, usually when I reach 7th gear. I tried hardening the suspension, but I still see a lot of it. I don't notice sudden drops on speed, but I have this feeling it may be reducing my acceleration, though I'm not sure at all. Is it?

    5th, on Monaco, race strategy suggested by the game would have me do 22 laps on the red stripe tyre. I believe the setup I had was very harsh on them, but seriously, by the 8th lap I was already 3 seconds slower than Raikonnen, whose pace was pretty much the same since lap 3.

    Anyway, I was running a very high downforce setup, though I'm beggining to think a low downforce might work. Would it?

    Well, that's about it. I realize that's quite a lot of questions, but any one answered is already one less to go.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The AI don't suffer tire wear. So we slow down, but the AI just gets faster as the fuel level goes down.
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  4. James Bannister

    James Bannister

    Okay here's my views

    Point 1
    Toe to the left, decreases tyre wear but improves the stability, I tend to have mine one or two clicks to the left most of the time, I've found my toe rarely changes from track, unlike the camber which I've found has changed a lot.

    Point 2
    Roll bars, I think the front improves your turn in, so your initial entry as you turn in, the further to the right the higher this will be, so if you find you're turning in really quickly move it left and vice versa, but if it's further into the corner where suddenly the arch of the corner you are doing too much, you are better at looking at the springs and wings for oversteer/understeer. I find this doesn't effect my tyre wear too much as long as my balance and camber is set well, but best to practice this on heavy fuel on primes, then you can monitor tyre wear over multiple laps.

    b) I think it can be as extreme as you like and it could effect the way you drive, it's just finding what you are most comfortable with, I know a lot of people who sometimes run 1 at the front and 11 at the rear, but it will vary on different tracks.

    Point 3
    I think the whole setup can effect tyre wear. Also the corner line you take, it all comes down to practice really but as long as you can run each track comfortably without going off much then you're close, but then your setup will help you improve, I find I do certain parts at a time. Say for example I was experiencing oversteer mid-corner, then I would probably start by trying to tweak one part of the setup that gives more understeer, or lower something which causes oversteer. I try each one separately see which works best or mix both if need be. It's tough to get right but it comes with practice, you will start noticing each little tweak and what it does.
    I tend to find my ride height is always 1 or 2 and my springs vary from 3 to 11 depending on the track, the more comfortable you are with the setup then the odds are you will be able to make those tyres last (also remember at the start of a race, the tyres you have also used in qualifying, so they won't always last as long as the others)

    Point 4
    I've never found sparks to effect too much but haven't had them much on this track, if you have them for a whole straight then it may be worth knocking the ride height up 1 click or so.

    Point 5
    Haven't raced at Monaco, but as the post above, they don't seem to have many issues with tyre wear (I have found they sometimes slow down) rather than lowering downforce I'd probably look at the camber. Hard to say as I haven't been there yet though.

    I would try giving more detail but hard to remember it all off of the top of my head. If you want a could PM over the 2 setups I love for Australia and Malaysia and you could try them out for yourself and see what parts are effecting you and then I can try helping you perfect it?