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Career driver in cutscenes

Discussion in 'F1 2019 - The Game' started by Bruce Banner, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner

    Is it just me or does your own created career driver never seem to appear in any of the random cutscenes before P1 , Q1 or the Race ? Most of the other drivers have shown up in one scene or another but my character hasnt shown their face yet . Ok , Im only 4 races into my first season so maybe thats not a good yardstick to use , but I watch most of Aaravas career videos and I cant remember seeing his character in anything but a podium cutscene either . If your character wont appear in the random scenes it wont ruin the game but its always added a bit of immersion to the game as though theyre there with the rest of the drivers and when your character never appears it just makes things feel a bit disconnected from the rest .
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