Car slides whenever I touch the brakes why !!!


I have a massive problem with Project Cars.

Except for the karts and formula every car in game mostly slides when I touch the brakes and by touch I mean just a little touch not all way to the bottom(the back side of the car goes away).At first I thought that the problem was about me but when I drive a similiar car on a same track on Asetto Corsa (without changing wheel settings) everything is fine.Also I have tested this with other games too and I drive,turn and brake smootly but in PC it just slides all over the place so what can be the problem any ideas ?

By the way I am using Logitech G27 and in both games all aids are off.Please help me I really want to play this game but in its current condition its impossible to brake without turning on the aids and I dont want to open any of those aids.

Billy Pilgrim

sounds like you may need to look thru' the pedal settings to check it's being read as an analog input, not binary if you see what i mean.
I had a similar problem with SCE on gamepad


I will check it out in the mean time I figure out that 900 degree angle on steering fixes some of the oversteer problem not all solved but little better.


I hope you have set the tick that the game is overwriting your Logitech Profiler settings. This is very important. Otherwise the settings out of the box should be bug free.
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