Car Setups based on the videos i have provided

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    So, I do have F1 2017, but I don't have ANY videos of it up(obviously because at the time of writing this it has not been released to the public yet), but I would like to know what setups I should run on each track, based on the way I drive in these videos, preferably I'm one of those guys that use assists, because the last time I tried no assists all I could find was a wall and not 1st place.

    I think of my driving as aggressive person, but these videos might say otherwise

    (I feel certain that the staff will take those links down, prompting me to post only race tube links, which I can't do as it is only available to premium members and I can't afford a premium membership, as it is, my budget is spread thinner than a piece of paper)

    If they do get taken down, then just go to my YouTube channel:
    (If that link gets taken down just look for IDGam3r on Youtube, my racing videos will easily stand out)

    If someone can help me I would really appreciate it a lot.