Car setup sometimes feels wierd

Did you guys notice any strange behaviour when working on your setups?

I've been tweaking the ferrari gt2 lately. I was trying different camber values, more negative front ratio to rear, more both front and rear, less both front and rear and so on. All the while keeping eyes on tire temps from inside to outside trying to reach somewhat linear values in specific corners.

I went from extreme to extreme and really nothing happens tire temperature wise.. I remember doing this in netKar and really noticing both in car handling and tire temps how it differs, but here it really doesnt seem to work, except at most introducing some wierd car behaviour unexpectadly.


"keeping eyes on tire temps from inside to outside" ?? May i know how you do that ?? Using the in game "Suspension" app ??
Far as i know this app still doesnt work properly in replay mode anyway.
Thanks first
You see your tire temps live in the car setup menu in game.. while in pits for example. Not in an app. It says IMO if I'm not mistaken, stands for "inside-middle-outside" and gives you those three values. More negative camber should give you more of the tire touching the ground while under lateral forces while limiting the tire contact while going in a straight line thus limiting straight line speed vs. cornering grip.


Yeah i know i can see that tire temp in the car setup menu but according to others that value is not accurate or useless .. I mean the value showing there is the temp in the garage but thats not what we want .. what we want is to know the actual temp when the tire go through all those different corner in any given track.

I believe the tire temp usually more or less the same if you check it in the pit because it already cold down to garage temp .. by the way i wonder how you keep an eyes on tire temp while driving using that car setup menu tire temp info :rolleyes:
No you can exit into pits from anywhere out on track in speed, and you will see what the temps are right then. The temps will go down yes but you have plenty of time to see it right away. It's just like in netkar, how everyone did it there.

Maybe it's useless and not working, thats my question because the camber values dont seem to effect the tire correctly. There seem to be no camber adjustment at all, which kind of is central in setup building. The difference between inner and outer is quite the same even with big difference in camber setting.

Radu Oros

Try to use the suspensions app which shows inner tire temps in real time (doesn't work for replays). The app looks big on screen, but is good enough to test your setup with tire temps.


Not sure how Netkar work but in AC if you back to pits like this ->

Then the tire temp that you see that show in the image below is already cool down so its useless

We have to enable the "Suspension" app that come with the game

which will show the real time tire temp when you do cornering .. but of course like the previous post say it didnt work properly in replay mode so have to record it and watch it later.

By the way this "Suspension" show the real time camber & toe value & some other stuffs too. Hope this help.


To enable "Suspensions" app .. go "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg", open the "assetto_corsa" configuration settings & change the "ENABLE_DEV_APPS" value to 1.
When I go back to pits I can see the tire temps based on my time on the track. I have no idea why you dont Lazybug. But thanks for the information about the app.
Here is an example that shows the temps differeing from inside to outside, high temperatures from just going to pits from track.


Thats image is just an example .. i didnt run the car so the temp is all 26.

Try take some time use that app and hope you understand what i trying to say.
I understand the app you were showing. But you said that the readings in pit already was cooled down and proved it by showing a picture from where you didnt even go into the track.. which is not answering any of my questions I had. It is pointless desinformation that is false. My picture shows that your statement was wrong.
If you dont have the answer to a question it is alright, you dont need to answer anything and no one will think anything about it, thats human life. But you certanly shouldnt try to make up an answer and providing false evidence.


That image is just to make sure you know which tire temp i am talking about .. so whether i run it or not is not important.

By the way i believe no one in AC use your way to check the actual cornering tire temp, they either use the "Suspension" app or may be something else but not like this .. i dont know about netkar but i believe we cant get the actual tire temp by simply back to the pits .. thats not accurate. I mean everyone will get an more or less equal IMO if they back to pits like that in AC.

Sorry thats all i can tell since i dont speak or write excellent english .. lets hope someone else come & give some better suggestion.
Is there a way btw to easily choose which apps will be visible on track, or available rather. What buttons are available I mean. Button for button.
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