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Car setup and front wing aero +/-

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Alex Couture, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Alex Couture

    Alex Couture

    hi fellow f1 2010 players
    i just bought f1 2010 like 1 week ago and had tremendous amount of fun playing my first season on intermediate with all sims on just so i could learn the maps
    now im looking forward to step up the game experience a notch but i need to ask experienced users in first place.

    1st, setups, iv been using the control pad quick menu to change the wings front aero, + on most tracks and that's about it. now im wondering if i don't need to bother with those anymore if i use a custom setup posted here. although i know that i need to set the engine mapping with the pad to get the benefits

    2nd, game difficulty, iv done first season pretty much with ease and im probably gonna do a other season with the same settings just so i know the tracks by heart, but i need suggestion on how to make this game the most challenging possible but keeping it close as realistic as possible(using a keyboard,yikes)
    i first setup the game like so
    short race weekend
    20% laps
    braking control-off
    traction control-full
    race line-corners
    pit limit-auto
    pit control-auto
    tyre sim-on
    fuel sim-on

    thanks for your time
  2. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall

    Get a wheel, cant believe people play with a keyboard ?

    Turn all assists off, including tyres and fuel, this will throw you in the deep end and it will annoy the hell out of you, spinning off burst tyres, smashing the front wing. Hell i still manage to break my rear wing in some races.:fwd:

    Na seriously, you will read thread after thread about what assists people should turn off, i was the same and until i had a few spankings online i realised that my car is upto 3 -6 seconds slower with assists on. depends on you i suppose.

    try it and stick with it, its so worth it.....as for the adjustment in race if you watch the online races the we post you will see us making adjustments mid race, so yes you need to still use them, and dont forget the engine map bug it reverts back to standard instead of fast.

    Sign up for a license and come racing with us in the SUNDAY RACER, dont worry about coming last Steve Butler UK takes that when he has a nightmare,,,,,,Sorry Steve had to give you a dig then regarding Sundays Mare !!!

    Turn your AI to as hard as you dare, most of us have it on Legend, and get rid of the racing line its a disstraction imho, i do keep the pit asists on but im about to turn them off anyhoo.
    But a wheel with give you so much control and with all the assists off when you nail a fast lap at Monaco, its a good feeling and you will never look back.

    I recon i spent a week getting used to it, now it feels natural and quicker.......:f1:

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!
  3. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    The weekly TT challenge on here is where I cut my teeth on assistless driving. Sao Paulo in the wet was the first time I switched off abs and TC and it started terribly. But - the desire to get a decent time was what pushed me through the pain barrier and got me putting in respectable lap times, by the end of the week, I could safely say I had grasped the basics of driving with no assists, and this has stood me in good stead for all the other tracks, and now, some months down the road, I wouldnt go back.

    As Chris mentioned, a wheel would put you in a much better position for taking your driving to the next level.
    Then I would recommend getting to grips with manual gears, before switching off the ABS and TC. Controlling the gears yourself has so much affect on the 'stop and go' of the car, that once you get that sorted, losing the ABS and TC is not that much of a jump.
    Doing it the other way round will give you a steep learning curve for all of the tracks (you thought you knew) and you will have to re-learn without the auto gears.
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