Car modelers wanted for a new project. Interested?

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  1. boglav


    Hello everybody,

    I represent a software company that has developed a web app for car presentation. You can rotate, pan, open doors, etc., just like you would do it in one of the Need for Speed games.

    We now have the opportunity for a contract to use our application for car dealers web sites. We need to extend our team, and are looking for modelers. There are sites out there that sell ready-made 3d models, but it's certain that we will need models that are not made or have a bad quality.

    As a member of the simracing community, I know the passion that is put in the modding efforts by people around here, and as soon as I heard about this project, I suggested we could see if some of you might be interested in participating in this project.

    What we need:
    - 3d car models, preferably in 3dsMax format (complete car, with cockpit, about 150000 polys);
    - complete texturing of the car (body, cockpit);

    We'd like to know if you are interested to become a member of our team, as the project develops. An estimate of the time you need to model a car and your financial demands would be very useful.

    You can contact me via PM or email at for further details. If you have any questions please don't hesitate. I'd like to thank Bram for the permission to present the project to the community.

    eng. Bogdan Neagoe