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Car Modding Help

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to modding Assetto Corsa, by which of course I have absolutely no prior history with modding anything or coding. I'm a huge Group C and classic sports car nerd and love a lot of the hard work that many of the modding groups in the community have managed to put together or are being worked on, the 90's Group C/WSC cars spring to mind while not complete.

I have managed to download a group of car models from a racing franchise, that I won't name but is rather obvious, that I would like to convert for usage in Assetto Corsa. While googling YouTube video and forum threads are helpful they don't quite explain everything. I do want to heavily stress that I wish to use these for myself as I am highly aware of the controversy around certain modding groups who take models from this series and then charge you for a rubbish conversion, which is what I would like to cut out by doing it myself. For those wondering the list of cars, here are just a few of them and I'll then list some of my issues/areas to learn afterwards:
- Nissan R91CP
- Jaguar XJR-9
- Toyota Eagle MkIII
- McLaren M8B
- Porsche 904
- Nissan Bluebird Super Silhouette
- Mazda RX-7 IMSA GTO

As I said the game from which these models came from should be fairly obvious to those who've played it. I do once again want to say that these are just for my own usage, partially because I'm a selfish bastard and because I am well aware of the controversy of other groups who share these style of mods. The issues I am experiencing are as follows:
- No accurate 3D tyre models, the ones the downloads come with are too narrow and come as a group and so arent adjustable individually
- Lack of understanding how the LUT files work, specifically what the numbers on the right correlate to exactly and whether or not they are numbers without a unit displayed, eg wing_AOA_front.lut are those measurements of downforce in Kg and is there anywhere to use a lift to drag coefficient anywhere

I would be appreciative if someone would be kind enough to show how to go do these conversions if possible in detail if possible. Alternatively if I am a lost cause would anyone be willing to convert the 3D models from the game they were extracted from and convert them so that they are usable in AC if I provide download files with all of the assets? I will say there is a bit of a lengthy list but if not I'm happy to learn!