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car mod acting up


Feb 6, 2015
hey guys, hoping someone can help me out here, i've got a couple car mods that dont seem to want to work properly. basically i go to start up the race and the engine starts and then cuts out. drop into first gear and nothing happens. i can rev the engine but then it cuts out again. also i've noticed the car drops down onto the road and then lifts off the ground before settling down again...any work around for this?


Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
Staff member
Nov 13, 2010
We need to know which car and/or track this happens with. Also if it is only one specific car that does it, it could be more usefull for yourself to head to the comment section of that particular mod to see if others have problems and what their fixes might be ;) Or use it to report your problem to the creator, they are most likely glad to help you out and can instantly fix any major bugs.
In those comment sections it is more likely to get in contact with the creator, they will not always look in the general AC forums

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