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  1. Paul Buckley

    Paul Buckley

    Are there some setups i am missing, I have all assists off but the car feels like it has traction control, I can never lock the brakes and it only changes gear when it red lines and not when i change.
    I am using a G27 with the standard settings.
    It's so bad to drive i think i may go back to EA 1999-2002 where the car is much more responsive and more difficult to drive.
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Paul its a while since I drove the 2010 game but...
    Gear changes should be when you pull the lever it may be a wheel issue?
    The brakes locking-the game has unrealistic physics in terms of you being able to turn in with excessive trailing brake (brakes still on) so I guess that correlates with your comment on lockup. However if I recall correctly brake bias does somewho affect turn in (maybe through some game trickery).
    The rear grip of the 2010 game is way to great and thats witnessed by the many setups that use wing of front/ rear of 11/1. No rear wing required means too much rear grip.

    The game is fun but the physics model is not authentic really.
    The 2011 game is a significant step forward in this way. Throttle oversteer and traction loss happen and more skill is needed.(as well as rear wing)

    Sadly it looks like the 2012 game shares more in common with 2010 in this regard. (The difficult 3rd album).

    The EA games you mention offer physics by ISI of RFactor fame. If you want fidelity thats where you go now until Codemasters decide they want sim racers rather than gamers buying their product.
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