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Car dealer

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by kelaroost, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. kelaroost


    I found this realy usefull and i just found it out myself.
    You know when you go and check the car dealer and you see a nice car for sale but you dont have enough cash so you go and grind some to find when you have enough its gone from the list.
    Thats due to the car dealer posting 6 new cars for sale everytime you enter a race win loose or quit.
    So theres allways allways 30 cars for sale 2 colums of 15.
    So if you enter a race and quit race as soon as it starts and do that 5 x the hole list of cars will be new.
    So if your after a nice car do that.
    But what ever you do allways check every 5 races it dont matter if you win or loose.
    I just join a race any class and quit instantly then go and check as i have 8 mill but nothing to spend it on i want.
    Hope you find this usefull.

    Seems to be old news but no matter lol.
  2. Tony Winslade

    Tony Winslade

    I didn't know that....Thanks :)
  3. Sander Hogendoorn

    Sander Hogendoorn

    You can also start a license, and skip to the fifth. That way 5 days will pass and you have 30 all new cars in the used car lot.
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