Capping Walls in new Version


Alex Ramsey

I tried to use the wall cap method shown in the help videos and it worked great in previous versions. But since 0.8 came out the checkbox in the wall dialog for setting the wall height to the rest cannot be unchecked.

Is there a way I can cap the walls as previous in the new version?


To cap make another position really close to the end of the wall and slide the last position of the wall 90 degree to the left or right of the wall and it will close it.


R Soul

Apr 19, 2009
I'm not sure what you mean by "setting the wall height to the rest", so I'll just say how I cap walls:

In the Wall dialogue box is a 'Set the Wall Shape' button, so use that to add three new shapes. There is already one at the beginning of the wall. Use Ctrl-click to add another shape near the first, but don't try to put it too close - at close range the first will be ignored. Add a third shape near the other end of the wall, and add a fourth shape even nearer to the end. Each shape should have the "Set the shape..." box selected.

Hold M and drag the fourth shape to the end of the wall, then drag the top two points towards the ground. Go back to the first shape and also drag the top two points towards the ground. This should give you a wall with a slope at either end. Use the M key to drag the second and third shapes until the slopes are almost vertical. If they get too close, shapes one/four will be ignored, but it only happens at very close range.

The textures on the slopes will have become quite distorted. That can be fixed by clicking Material and then the "Set the Material" checkbox for shapes 2 and 3.

Alex Ramsey

I will give that a shot, thank you for your help.

The checkbox in BTB Evo for "Set the shape of the surface by editing the cross-section?" is always darkened and I cannot figure out how to uncheck that so I can make the waypoint previous to the end hold the height of the whole wall. If I select any waypoint and change the shape, it changes the shape of the whole wall.


Mar 24, 2009
walls i usally go for an sketchup object.and make into a so-object.has they are alrady capped,and btb walls seem to let some angled crashing vehicles through them.:)