cant save replays after any race..

Discussion in 'RACE Pro' started by redwind33556, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. redwind33556


    hi there all. ive been trying to save replays after a race. but the option is greyed out. after an extensive search on the internet ive tried these options as advised:

    1.i corrected the time and date and region as well as updated xbox online to most recent updates.
    2.i set as default to save replays to internal harddisk in the xbox.
    3.i tried to save replays to external 80gb hard disk via usb.
    4.and finally tried to save replays to cloud storage.
    the first three options failed and the fourth option couldnt do as i dont have and cant afford to register to xbox gold premium account.

    please, can anyone suggest any further ideas around this or knows why its not saving replays. thanks
  2. Chris Cronshaw

    Chris Cronshaw

    Delete some replays from your profile. I think unfortunately that is your only answer!