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Can't resume custom championships

Nick Deeley

Jan 16, 2009

I cant resume my championships after quitting the game and resuming, like the following day or something. At first I thought it was because i was modding the skin i use for my car, but, ive just tried out the following
load new custom ch'ship, skipped the sessions so the first round was complete. Exit the game, then start it back up again, but it comes up with an error when clicking championship

"failed to load championship. You are missing the following components cars: honda accord r 2007"

Theres no custom class, just the basic 2007 wtcc, its only the skin ive customised on my car (added me as an extra driver/team).

Why is this happening?

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
It's because you have custom skins in the championship.

Since the last Steam patch, championships do not load if you have any custom skins. I have removed all my skins and now the championships work as they should.

Patiently waiting for the next patch :)

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