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Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Roger Snead, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Roger Snead

    Roger Snead

    Hello to all,
    I purchased the Touring Legends DLC pack for $12.99 (gag) from the in-game store and downloaded it. I got the two cars and the two tracks. We both purchase a new Cosworth right away. From day one myself and a friend who bought at the same time have not been able to play online with ANY of the Touring Legends DLC. We have only been able to use it in Custom Cup and Extra Championships. I still have not been able to sort out the unplayable issue online. I create a race, select "Allow Downloadable Content", then invite Friend. At this point we are both in the lobby and I am able to select the Cosworth, but friend gets message "Don't own this DLC Content" ....something to that effect when he selects car. Vice-Versa when he is host. We are just trying to do some one lap level up car stuff. We have no other issues with all the other DLC packages.

    I have learned to live with this for now as I just can't get it sorted, but last night was the final straw which is why I am making this post. I saw that Racenet had the Cosworth in the Touring Challenge, so I thought OK, I will now get a chance to at least level up the Cosworth. WRONG!.....All it shows for cars in this weeks Touring RNC is two loaners, a Cosworth and Nissan, even though I have purchased the Cosworth for $95,000, I think) from Day One, and it is shown in "My Vehicles" I sold the Cosworth back to the game and repurchased it to see if that would work, but still shows only two loaners,instead of one owned Cosworth, a loaner Cosworth, and a loaner Nissan. I experimented to see if I could use the Nissan if I bought it, and yes, it shows up in "My Vehicles", and am able to use it in RNC. It now shows one loaner Cosworth, one loaner Nissan, and owned Nissan, but no owned Cosworth. The purchased Cosworth is simply not recognized as owned in the Challenge, only in "My Vehicles."

    I have rebooted the 360, as well as re-downloaded the Touring Legends DLC pack twice. My friend purchased the Cosworth and was able to use it in the Touring RNC this week featuring the Cosworth and Nissan.
    I am miffed at what, if anything I am doing wrong. It really burns me up to have paid $13 for this pack and am unable to use it in online racing and Racenet, which leaves it in a position of unable to upgrade (level up) Any help would be much appreciated. Platform is xbox360. Thank you.
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