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Can't Map "Real Automatic" Transmission

Hello to all. I did a search on this forum, but still a bit unclear. I am hoping someone will take the time to explain in detail, but with simple terms, as I am a pc noob. Thank you in advance.

I am using a CSR Elite wheel with Windows 8.1. I do not have a working H-gate shifter. (just broke recently) I want to use "Real Automatic" tranny, not "Simple Automatic." The problem I am having is ....if I remember correctly, the mapping for this option ("Forward" and Reverse" )is in the Keyboard menu, but the game allows you to map a button or paddle shifter on the wheel. However, I have to physically hold any button or paddle down to keep it in gear. I can actually see on the truck's interior dashboard the gears changing. Same for Reverse. As soon as I let go of the button, it goes into Neutral, and I see "N" on the dashboard.

Please.......How /what button, key or paddle can I use without having to HOLD DOWN the button (or paddle,if mapped that way) to keep it in gear? I almost have it sorted , because I see that it does actually work, but I need to map this feature with either a keyboard key, or wheel button, that does not require me holding down a button or paddle.

I absolutely love this sim, as it is oddly addicting in a way. I never thought I would enjoy this sim so much. Like I say, I am quite a noob with pc sims as I am basically a console player, but am wanting to convert and learn pc. Been saying that for years.....hehe

Please, if one could help me with very clear and easy to understand instructions, I would be most grateful. Thank you.


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
Not sure if this is not a bug. Real Automatic setting used to work not so long ago perfectly fine. After installing one of the updates I'm experiencing exactly the same issue on Logitech DFGT where I need to hold the gearstick to keep it on gear. Switched to Manual gearbox but that's not ideal due to quiet engine sounds. I'm hoping too, that there's a solution to this somewhere...
I have it sorted..........maybe it will work for you as well. ;) I saw the solution posted last night while doing a Search on the ETS2 Steam forums.

I mapped the "SHIFT" (Drive) and "CONTROL" (Reverse) keys. I tried other keys, but no go, you had to hold them down. I was going mad trying to get it sorted. :confused: