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F1 2020 Can't join 3 way league

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
I posted on Codies forum but I know it can take a while so thought someone here might be able to help
I have 3 friends who play F1 2020. I have a league with each of them separately and one league with all 3 of us.
I can join the leagues where there are just 2 of us no problem, but as soon as we try the 3 way, we can get to the lobby and press Ready Up but then the game just hangs on "Waiting for Players".
On two occasions we did manage to get into the garage for practice but when we all retired from the session to go to Qualifying, the practice just continued. We even let the half-hour timer go to the end but the practice just continued.
We're all running 1.18 and have had races before with no problem, but that *may* have been v1.17
The only other thing is that 2 of us are in Europe and the 3rd in Africa, not sure if that's relevant as I can connect to a two-player with the guy in Africa
Does anyone have any suggestions, please?