Can't get graphics settings to change. Stuck on lowest defaults.

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by SolemnEagle131, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. SolemnEagle131


    I had owned the other titles on Xbox but decided today to pick up 2013 on PC in the Steam sale, however, upon starting the game I have found that I cannot change the graphics settings at all. That is, I can toggle the different options but they have no effect on the actual appearance of the game and the graphics displayed continue to be at the lowest default settings.

    I'm running an i7 with an Nvidia GTX 770, so I know the system can handle the game, I've already tried restarting the computer, the game, and reinstalling the game. And this is only happening with this game. So, does anyone know a possible fix for this? I've found the config settings in the program files, but I'm not sure which text settings to change and how/what to change them to. If that is the only solution, can someone maybe a bit more knowledgeable than I give me a guide as to what to change in the XML files in order to have maximum settings? (Assuming of course, that those files actually adjust the graphics unlike the UI interface.)

    It would appear that just today the Code masters forums went down.. so if there was a solution there it seems lost to history. This is the only place I could find to turn to. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :3