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Can't find the dll that make H shifters work with RBR :'(

Hello guys'n giarls,

I'm totally new to rally simulation but as I like to do things well I decided to buy a g920 (I have xbox one too with Forza horizon 3 for the kiddies :D ), I bought a H shifter and I bought a cheap joystick I can use as a handbrake :D

And of course I wanted the best of the best Rally Simulation so I bought RBR and installed last version of RSRBR but couldn't recognise my H shifter (while sequential works well).
So after some research I saw that I need a file named shifterv2.zip. I found installation and setup instruction but impossiblme to find a valid link to download the file :'(

Could anybody please help a poor noob rally driver thats just want to ride with an old Peugeot 205 :)

Thanks in advance for all and feel the neeeeeeed !! the neeeeed for speeeeeeeeeeeeed !! :)

John "Kalon" HAIST

sorry for my bad english <======== french scum here XD
If you mean the NGP version of 205 t16 and you have installed all of the RSRBR updates (Update 10 being the latest), then you can assign the gears in RBR's Controller Setup without additional plugins. However, if you haven't installed all of the Updates or you mean some non-NGP version of 205, then you'd need the H-Shifter v3 plugin: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=39&p=58 . (There's even French instructions so you can't go wrong with them.)

It's a confusing answer, I know, but everything for a reason.