Cannot reselect Mix 2 after selecting Mix 1 or 3

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    I am using a T500 with the F1 rim.

    I assigned a button to the left menu (or whatever they call it, the thing to bring over tires and Fuel mix) and then one rotary to select between the two options and the same button to select the right mix.

    I can easily select the Mix 3 or 1 from Mix 2, but from that point on I cannot return to Mix 2 no matter what I did.

    At first I thought it was because I was using the rotary wheel but then I assigned the up and down to regular buttons. Same thing.

    Once I change mix that's it.

    I don't understand why Codemaster didn't imply let you assign 3 buttons to each mix. I mean, we are driving an F1 car and I have to press 3 buttons to select my mix? But that it is not working it's frustrating.
    Yesterday I was doing a 50% race in legend. I was in second place and I was stuck going back and forth between Mix 1 and 3. Mix 1 I was getting chased, mix 3 I would pull away but I was getting fuel alerts.

    At the end of the race I run out of gas right at the last turn, and 4 guys passed me. From P2 to P6.

    Anyway, I am checking if, by any chance I am doing something wrong. I am positive that I am not pressing the button twice.
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    You probably need a delay system. Even though you are assigning a function to a key, because of the way this game works (the DPAD/Quick Menu), you need a delay between each command sent to the game.

    Just for example, let's say that the command for fuel rich, is UP UP UP on the DPAD (It might not be, but let's say it is). This is broken down into 3 parts.:-
    1. The first UP command displays the menu
    2. The second UP command displays the fuel menu
    3. The third UP command selects the rich fuel setting
    You cannot send those command to the game as an instantaneous stream of 3 UP's, the game will probably accept the 1st UP and ignore the other two. The sequence of the command must have a delay between part for all 3 parts to register in the game. I have found 0.1 of a second works just fine.

    So those 3 UP's now become :-
    1. UP
    2. Delay 0.1s
    3. UP
    4. Delay 0.1
    5. UP
    6. No need for a delay, end of sequence
    So no matter what buttons you pick to send the commands, a delay is required, and also you have to be very wary of rotary switches. Remember if you are using normal buttons (switches), you press it and release. As soon as you release you stop sending whatever you have assigned that button to the game. A rotary switch is likely to send the command, and continue to send that command when you leave that rotary switch in that position.

    For some of my G27 settings I use the manual gearbox to operate that menu (as I have paddles, the gearbox isn't used normally), and if I use say 3rd gear (on the gearbox) for Fuel Rich, once I have selected 3rd gear to send the command sequence, I MUST pull back the gear stick into Neutral to stop continuously sending Fuel Rich commands to the game.

    Anyway I'll point you a thread where I use XPadder to operate that Quick Menu, and in the game itself I remap the Quick Menu to the keyboard keys W S A D. I use Xpadder to send the correct combination of W S A and D's to the game (with delays) to operate the menu

    Cheers :)
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