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Skins Cannot change helmet skin, it remains white.

Hello, can anyone help me with this issue? I installed the Sim Dream mod and the car works fine, but the driver suits and helmet skins are not. Can anyone tell me if any file is missing or needs to be renamed? Thank you so much!


  • Screenshot (282).png
    Screenshot (282).png
    281.8 KB · Views: 28
In the Content Manager showroom, enable the driver and then click on the helmet. The right panel should show the texture name. Make sure your textures are correctly named and in the correct format (some of the newer DDS formats don't always work on all machines), and it should load up just fine.

If the mod is using the default Kunos driver your file names are incorrect, but if it's using a different driver model it may have different names.
thank you @Ryno917, but when I clicked the DRIVER button in the custom showroom, the driver is not popping out, Are there some more issues with the files?
Screenshot (283).png
I've had an issue lately that the driver doesn't show up until I move the camera slightly. If that isn't the issue, then I'm not sure what it could be.

As an alternative, are there any other skins for the car that have their own custom driver textures? Those should have the correct names on the files, so that may help too.
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