Cannot change control assignments in RACE 07 series - Screen Hangs

Sep 1, 2008
Hi, i have a annoying problem with Race 07, GTR Evo, STCC + Race ON. I'm running Windows 7 64bit and have previously had no problems. However, when i try and go to the control options screen to change control layouts, the screen hangs, until finnally loading the control options screen, which is so slow/laggy its unusable. not sure how else to explain it really. Any similar problems/solutions? and i know its not my wheel, because the game detects it and it works fine (as it was set up before i had these problems). Im using all the correct drivers etc. for my system. GTR2 works fine, btw.

Dave Flower

Nov 21, 2008
Honestly not sure on this one John - firstly you lucky bugger having RTR!

Second - do you have any other game controllers attached to the PC? Especially ones that may have been added recently?? Could have confused the games?

Third - I have in the past had some weird stuff happening, like you describe, with the setups Files menu - now I can't say 100%, but it appeared to be related to how defragmented the STEAM/SIMBIN files had become on my hard drive???? So if you haven't defragged for a while, perhaps you could try this. I beleive there is an option somewhere in steam to defrag game files too. It may help, it may not, but either way its not going to hurt to defrag...
Sep 1, 2008
well i just did a defrag (of the whole hard drive as well as the steam files) and it didnt make any difference. Im scheduling a full disk check incase theres any corrupted files on my disk. ill try unplugging everything uncessesary tho.
Oct 20, 2008
are you using g25? if you are that's the wheel problem, I had the same thing, just got a new wheel and now everything fine