Canada 2010 - Double Points Finish in FSR WC at Montreal

This past weekend at Montreal, Canada, GhostSpeed achieved a double points finish in FSR AutoGP World Championship with a completely new line-up: Dennis Hirrle and Lukas Euler. Dennis achieved a very good 5th in his return to the tracks after his retirement in the end of the past season. The 2005 Champion demonstrated that who knows never forgets. In the other GS car was Lukas Euler that despite an early incident in the race with another driver, he was able to also do a very solid race and bring his car home in 8th position. A good overall result for GhostSpeed in the North American continent.

In FSR World Series, Dimitri De Matos and Marco Conti partnered up in the absence of both Karim Wezenberg and Stephane Rouault. Dimitri had a great run in Qualify achieving the front row with his 2nd place. Then, on the race, Dimitri was the unlucky driver of the day by hitting the lost front wing of Stefan Kanitz that was laying on the track. The result of the hit was a puncture on Dimitri’s left front tyre making him loose control of his car in the following corner and making him retire from the race. On the other hand, Marco, starting from 8th in the grid, did his most consistent race of the season and after some battles on track he was able to finish in a good 5th position.

In FSR World Trophy, only Ferry Koek was able to take part this time. Despite a not so good starting position in the grid, Ferry was able to climb his way up until a good 8th position. It was a very solid race by Ferry.

Next week, the team will travel back to Europe for the European round in the streets of Valencia. Catch us there.

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