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  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 529 47.5%
  • Lewis Hamilton

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Save Game Can someone help me repair my satsuma?? 2021-09-24

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Leppaax submitted a new resource:

Can someone help me repair my satsuma?? - help

I got in big accident and my satsuma broke. The satsuma makes starting noises but never starts up. i have done every little thing that could do, but nothing! If someone has time and motivation to look into my Satsuma i would be happy. If somebody gets it done can you send the fixed satsuma files back like in the comments or somewhere??

Btw if you need some more files contact me in comments and the Satsuma is located at Fleetari!!

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I had a look at your save and found that your rocker shaft was broken. I replaced it and used minimal MSC editor work to apply my open valve tune for performance and a quarter more of gas. I also found after I fixed the shaft you had loose bolts which made the car go up in flames which I also fixed. I also tuned the carb. Lastly, I saved the game at Teimos so be careful you don't go too close to the store and get arrested. Let me know how it goes and if there are any more issues. Take care!


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