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Can i update cars from older versions to 0.9.0 ?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Daniel16Weber, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Daniel16Weber


    Is it possible to update cars from older versions like 0.8.44 or 0.6.5 to the last version of racer.nl ?

    If it is possible, please tell me how !

    A other question is, how can i open the console
  2. Harey


    Well it is possible to update a car from an older version to a newer version of Racer, most of the time. Sometimes the original author in an attempt to keep people from altering their cars have locked their model files up in a .ar file, which can make it a right pain at times. And really what you need to do mostly depends on the car.
    The most obvious change is going into the car.ini and changing the version, lets say it looks like this
    This would need to be changed to this, to work with the newest version of Racer.

    The next thing to update would be the shader (car.shd), of course this depends on the car and the system you are running. If your computer runs Racer with CG shaders and the car you are updating does not run CG shaders, this will have to be changed (I'm not diving into a full explanation of CG shaders). The easiest way to identify between the two is CG will always have things like "vf_standard" or "vf_reflect" in them, and non-CG Shaders will tend to use a frensel texture

    To view the console press tilde "~" to open it press shift and tilde "~".