Can i sell my own AC mods?

Hello ! It is possible to sell mods for AC ? I would like to build a website and create my own cars and maps for this game, and sell them. It's legal? I presume i am not allowed to use real car names?!
I love driving simulators. I am not thinking of stealing or converting cars/tracks from other games/authors. I am just asking if it is possible to sell my own.
Thank you.
EDIT: The car from the photo is not mine, only the map it is.


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The James May of Simracing
As long as it's all your work and you use nothing copyrighted (names, logos, models, etc) you can of course sell your work. Plenty of modders/teams already do it, talking of the legitimate ones like RSS, VRC, ASR, URD, Sergio Loro, or Lemax.
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