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Can I advertise another league here?

I bought GSCE and I love it. I tried to sign up to run the Vees here, but I bought the game after the sign-ups had closed. Now I'm trying to convince the admins at my main league to run the GSCE Vees instead of the old rFactor Vees. I've gotten approval to try to get commitments for it. If I can reach a certain goal of sign-ups, they'll run it. We're starting on the 3rd of November. I'm cutting it short, I know, but after trying the phenomenal cars and tracks of GSCE, I really don't want to run the old stuff...

So, can I advertise that here for anyone else who may have just bought GSCE and missed the deadline for the RD series? Or would that be too much of an encroachment? If it's a violation of rules, I ask that you simply delete this thread, and I'll get the hint. :)