Can EMI cause random button presses/inputs?

Jul 3, 2011
I'm using a Fanatec DD2 with a McLaren GT3 rim. Recently in F1 2019 the MFD panel will randomly start cycling through screens - making wing adjustments and changing tyre selections. In Assetto Corsa Competizione my brake balance can randomly change.

All of these unwanted inputs seem to be things that can be controlled by the McLaren wheel's 'FunkySwitch' adjustment knob. It seems to happen when I'm in corners which makes me wonder if it's FFB EMI surge related? I've attempted to separate cables as much as possible but it's still happening. Can EMI even cause semi-random inputs like this? Or is it more likely that my McLaren GT3 rim is dodgy, and sending signals when it's not meant to?

Thanks in advance for any advice/support! :)


Jul 5, 2019
Could be, only way to know is to minimize interference.

Some electronics are just not well made and generate a lot of noise.

trick is to use ferrite cores on your cables. and to use more than you think you need.

The ferrite bead doesn't have to be snug, can include loops and multiple cables so go big in size and quantity.

I spent close to $500 in Mix 31 ferrite cores, worth getting good quality not eBay/amazon crap. Ther are different mixes for different frequencies. I put them on either end of the cables, USB and power cables too. all over. Never an issue.

Don't know if I need them but I don't have to worry about it either ;)

In the end, your wheel may be bad. so try different wheel as well.
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