WIP Campmuir Raceway


Jun 14, 2009
Hi all first post here anyway thought i would let you have a look at the track i have been working on for Rfactor, It is a fantasy track based on the scottish rural roads that i live near. I started this track about five years ago in max then was one of the first to see the potential in BTB and bought a licence
not long after it was first released.

Anyway due to ill health had to give up track editing till earlier this year when i uunderwent major surgery and now i am able to fullfill my dream of completing my track.
boy has BTB changed in these few years what a delight it is to use Piddy dewd i would love to shake your hand in aprieciation of the work you have done to BTB you rock man.

Anyway here is a few screenies of the track for you all hope to have a testing session for those interested soon.

OK more soon and hopefully a video
Peace out all Chiller