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Campionato rF1 on SimRacingZone.net

With the permission of John-Eric Saxen (thank you), I post here some information about the 7th edition of Campionato Italiano rF1 organized by SimRacingZone.net for the first time on rFactor2.

Race day: Thursday.
Races every two weeks.

- Ore 21:00 - Free Practice (30 minutes)
- Ore 21:30 - Q1 (20 minutes)
- Ore 21:50 - Q2 (10 minutes)
- Ore 22:00 - Warm Up (5 minutes)
- Ore 22:15 - Gara (70-80 minutes)

Real time weather, new V6 engines, locked gears and much more, such as two tests on a real Formula car to be assigned during the championship.

All information is available here. Feel free to join the server or contact me here, on my e-mail (matti1291@hotmail.it) or on Facebook (Guglielmo Matti)...

I hope my post is not a problem. Bye!