Camera Shake .BML File Path?


There wouldn't be anyone who would direct me to the .bml file path location in the data.mix file that has the settings for camera shake in this thing would there? Your help would be most appreciated.

And there is a COCKPITCAMERAS.BML file that seems to have the settings of cockpit cameras for all the bikes but it doesn't have the specific name of the bike to search for instead the bike has a reference number like bikegp_xxx. How do you find the bike your'e looking for?

Yeah, I know the list of items in these files is huge and it is great at least that you can tweak the things you need to make your'e riding a little more pleasurable, but boy it'll be a huge time saved not to have to sit there and metamorphise trying to establish the meaning of some of these parameters by being offered the "once in a lifetime", "sneak peek" preview look into a guide with reference to each and every one of these values. You know, something like rfactor, assetto corsa have in there files. Then post it out even in a .pdf file. Or is there one out there already?
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Can anyone tell me what number bike to pick out from the list for the Yamaha for example so I can adjust the lean angles for example?

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