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Alex Kyriak

I've read the help section, I've set up multiple cameras into those in Group 1 and those in Group 2.

My problem: Group 2 cameras are used by RFactor on the first lap, then on all subsequent laps only Group 1 cameras are used.

Am I missing something? Is RFactor supposed to flip between groups every time a new lap is started? Any hints, tips, etc, anybody?

Much appreciated. :)


I've never really taken notice of how RFactor deals with camera groups, I usually do it manually with the Page Down key.

Alex Kyriak

Can Rfactor do it automatically, or does the user always have to do a manual switch between groups? The BTB help implies it is automatic :confused:
I have found that rFactor in fact does. You have to select "Camera group cycle" or something like that while in game. I don't know what the logic is when it changes groups, but it does.


This is what I noticed some time ago when playng with different groups... say you start on say group 1 cameras. The car drives out of range of the current group 1 camera and has not yet hit another group 1 activation point. If the car is out of any activation points for too long (no idea how long) then it will switch to the next group. I seem to remember it switching groups even though the car hadn't entered the activation range of the other group. It really seemed to be an issue of the car not being within any camera activation range that triggered the switch.
Since I was looking for this, might as well post my findings... 7 years later...

From rFactor version 1.2.50 release notes:
" Support for up to four trackside camera groups. "Groups=<x>" where x is the sum of the values for which groups it belongs to: 1=group 1, 2=group 2, 4=group 3, 8=group 4. It is recommended that the camera that shows vehicles crossing the start/finish line belong to each available camera group, as the default behavior is to CYCLE through the camera groups every time the currently-viewed vehicle crosses the start/finish line. The trackside camera control can also be used to select a specific camera group (which, unlike the CYCLE mode, will not change camera groups when vehicles cross the start/finish line). Finally, if track-makers wish to start with trackside group 1 rather than the CYCLE mode, they can set "Trackside1First = 1" in the track GDB file. "
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