Call to AMD GPU owners/CHILL or not CHILL?


Dec 11, 2016

running my sim rig with triple 1080p screens thanks to a VEGA 64LC. I have been doing lots of core and memory Undervolting/Overclocking in the last few weeks and it is really fun to get as close as possible to my 1080Ti and oh boy how this crad looks superb in my case.

Now I am trying to get into the whole RADEON features like how to match EnhancedSync with my Freesync monitors (48 to 75Hz range) and what to do with Vsync in Game.

Another feature I have tried to find information about in Simracing is CHILL.It seems doing great in some game categories like FPS or 3rd person shooters to reduce GPU temps, power, helps with stuttering and keep clocks high but I have some doubt of the benefits in fast pace games like SimRacing.

I have been struggling to find relevant information around the Web so I am trying my luck here.

Anybody using it and how do you set it up in typical Sims like PCars, AC, ACC or RRE?

thanks so much