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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MacLeod|, May 25, 2010.

  1. MacLeod|


    Alright, I have owned my trusty cheap Thrustmaster Enzo FFB wheel for 7 years now, and about a year ago my brake pedal stopped working. The complete set was not covered by the warranty anymore so I decided to simply use the brake paddle on the back of the wheel instead. Unfortunately, turning the wheel, pulling the brake paddle, and pulling the downshift paddle all with the same hand really made driving in manual a chore so I had to revert back to automatic. This is beginning to grow boring, and I was wondering if it would be possible to simply replace the pedals without replacing the whole package because I am on a light budget. Does anyone know anywhere where it would be possible to buy separate pedals that would be compatible with the Thrustmaster wheel?
  2. pauliebhoy


    Hi MacLeod, check out all the second hand, charity, pawn shops in your area... i'm pretty sure you'll find something lying around in one of these places. Of 'cos, if the accelerator is still working.?? then you'll probably find more often than not that it's just a matter of opening up the pedals and changing... what could be a faulty potentiometer(pot). That's the 1st thing i would do. £1/2$ out of your local maplin/tandy store. If it's not the pot, which i doubt... then your only outta pocket by a couple of £/$'s and you can start looking elsewhere.
    fyi... afai rem, the pot is "10k linear" i think. but the specs should be on it so np's there...
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