Buttonbox recognized as keyboard


May 8, 2018
I recently bought a button box and it arrived today. I then noticed a problem that it did not appear in my usb controller settings. I thought it was broken but actually it was recongized as a keyboard.

This means, if I press a button on the button box, it will output a letter if I open the Notepad. Well since most people don't use keyboard while driving, I really don't like the current state of my button box. I want it to be recognized as a usb controller. So the system will recognize it as "button1", "button2", etc. (Also, if you have multiple controllers like me, making them individual usb controllers rather than "keyboard keys remapping box" will prevent conflict between key assignment.

I took a look at the windows device manger and saw it was recognized as "HID system controller" while my other device like steering wheel is recognized as "HID game controller". Both generic keyboard and usb controllers use the built-in driver of windows, the "input.inf". I don't know if there is anyway to make windows recognize it as a usb controller. Plus you cannot change the property of a device in the control panel.

Anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance.