ButtonBox app

Dec 21, 2017
ButtonBox is an app for gamers to control their sim or game experience through the phone by simulating keyboard inputs. Simply attach it to your existing gaming hardware and peripherals for extra buttons and controls at your fingerprints.
Download the server here: https://github.com/MohammadAdib/ButtonBoxServer/releases


Default key bindings
  • A/B/X/Y are mapped to their respective keys (pressing them is the same as pressing those keys on your keyboard)
  • The red +/- buttons are mapped to Q and W respectively
  • The yellow +/- buttons are mapped to E and R respectively
  • The blue +/- buttons are mapped to T and Y respectively
Long pressing on the button allows you to choose an new key binding. Key bindings are unique, meaning you cannot have more than one button bind to a key

Source code: https://github.com/MohammadAdib/ButtonBoxApp
Server source code: https://github.com/MohammadAdib/ButtonBoxServer