Button mapping on your wheel?


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Apr 4, 2019
I've become Fuel Management aware recently and just introduced manual ERS to my gameplay recently and have noticed an improvement with my races. I'd definitely like to map my wheel buttons to toggle +/- for ERS and Fuel Mix, but also need DRS handy too.

I think I'll be able to manage with Brake Bias and Differential set on the D-Pad as I rarely adjust this mid-race, at this point. Who knows, that might change.

So I'll have two buttons within easy reach on each side of the wheel that I'd like to use for the ERS and Fuel Mix, (thinking Fuel Mix +/- on left side and ERS +/- on right) but was wondering if attaching DRS to the ERS+ button would be wise as it would seem that when DRS is enabled, you'd likely want to couple it with an increased ERS setting too, no? DRS and ERS+ on the same button would kill two birds with one stone in that case and not leave me scrambling to do too much at once, especially while potentially being in a position to overtake. Thoughts on this?

What buttons do you have mapped to your wheel and in what positions?


Dec 10, 2018
I double map my fuel up with DRS using the same theory and also map decrease ERS and fuel to the same button. Works for me in most cases
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