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Buttkicker Setup/advice

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SOLO59, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. BrainsBush


    I recently bought a Buttkicker Gamer 2 and I am still struggling to get it working properly and with the right amount of rumble. May be (probably) I am doing things wrong so therefor did some reading and now ask some questions here. Thanks in advance for reading and your support!

    My PC is a HP Omen 880 and I connect the audio splitter to the front end headphone 3.5mm. One end connected to the amplifier and the other one to my headphones. Some say you have to turn up audio to100 to get the most 'rumble' effects out of the Buttkicker but you can imagine that 100 is way too loud for my ears. How can this be solved (without buying a second separate soundcard)? Can you e.g. connect the amplifier to the rear of the PC audio connectors and still use the front headphone connector seperately for my headphone? I can also use the Oculus Rift integrated headphones (via HDMI) and connect the Buttkicker to an audio connector (front or rear). Then I have to select one audio output Rift or Realtek. BTW configured as Quadrofonic

    I connected the buttkicker to my Playseat via a spark plug socket. Playseat itself is placed carpet. Do I still need to place the Playseat on isolators to maximize the effects? Does this DIY solution give the same result as an official accessoire? I also saw YouTube examples of someone who connected the Buttkicker in front of his seat very close to the cushion.

    When do you know if the volume of the amplifier is max.? Even when the clipping indicator almost constantly flashes red the rumble effects are not that spectacular. Did I expect too much from one Buttkicker or does anyone else seriously feel lots of e.g. kerb, road effects through the chair? I also tried with music and with very low bass sound I experience more vibration.

    FInally: I tried SImvibe but that does not recognize the Buttkicker?

    I realize these questions could maybe be solved myself by reading the manual(s)? I tried as close as possible to follow the instructions but still I am not confident that everything went well. So thanks again for your advizes!!

    EDIT: I connected the audio Y splitter to my front headphone out. When I only connect the Buttkicker it works perfectly but when I add my heaphone to the second output of the Y splitter the rumble effects are almost gone. I tried multiple headphones and the same result.
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