Building Tracks from Ultra Precise Mobile Laser Scans

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Phaselase, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Phaselase


    I have developed an ultra precise laser scanner for roads over the past 20 years. There is nothing else like it: Check out the point clouds on the Mobile Survey page. You can see that we have done many very technical things with it.

    Some customers (DOD and University) use it for vehicle design and dynamics modeling. I was always wondered about race tracks and have recently started to learn about race simulation. This is an amazing under talking by so many folks.

    I would like to interact with anyone interested in track building from very precise 3D topology. The advantage over tripod scanning is that we can do most tracks in just a few hours, making this more viable for all.

    Do you think great accuracy in track representation of the real world is a good thing?

    Any advise or ideas?

    - Seeing all this makes me wish I still had my 82 Nissan 280ZX and that I knew how to drive it!

    - Bill
  2. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    I would really really like really LOVED to see the Nurburgring Nordsheleife 24Hour layout laser scanned. Really, it's just so sick! And Le Mans wouldn't be bad either. :D
  3. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    The simple answer to that question is yes, yes, yes.

    iRacing uses laser scanning technology for it's all tracks and they are truly special. rFactor does have a couple of LiDAR tracks - Eastern Creek and Oran Park, but nothing apart from that.

    Of course, the difficulty for you and modders would be cost - laser scanning can be pretty expensive, and modders generally do all their work for free.
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    RaceDepartment Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    what he said :) ^^^

    To be honest most of us welcome any kind of technology that increases the fidelity of our racing experience. As Ryan said though ultimately for most cost is a driver of such things. It would be great if you can find some modders to help you get something out there and prove the technology. in the long runthough I guess it will be developers doors you'd have to knock on for long term rewards.
  5. holden_racing_kid


    Hi Bill,
    How much would it be to use this for a day? what sort of costs are involved?

    I think nearly everyone in the sim racing industry would love everytrack to be laser scanned for the best accuracy.
    There are a few blokes who have done them so, it might be good to get onto them to see if they could use the equitment?
    Would you be able to sponsor a few rojects maybe? a scanned Bathurst track would be awesome!

  6. Michael Sandee

    Michael Sandee

    Heck...........CM should step up to the plate and talk business with him cause if I remember right CM didn't use laser scanned tracks
  7. Raido


    This. Is the point.

    Modding is a 'free for all' voluntary thing. Trackmaking for simulations is already pretty darn labor-intensive and most of us do this as a labor of love. Laser scanning would be very good and many people would be willing to help (I for one would - for free) doing the scanwork itself all over the world, but the cost involved would have to be VERY LOW.
    Not much more than break-even. Otherwise, I can't see it happening. Because most of us modding tracks are already donating our work & time for free.

    But if you'd like to make this scanner a well-known thing in the simracing world, make some available for 'nigh-on free' trackscanning work. Bet it'd be taken up.
  8. Juan Jose Gomez

    Juan Jose Gomez

    if it's somewhat "less expensive", maybe a team of modders could gather some money to do the tracks...
  9. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    The thing with that is they would never get that money back. The only why round it would be if they have to pay then do a track pack say all the Uk BTCC tracks then charge a little amount for it. But then you get into all the legal stuff with that. so its a mine filed when you start talking money.

    The only why I could see this working is if they let the modders have it for free but they have to carry the name of the software on some track banners and in the read me.
  10. mianiak


    Is this just spam or is this fairdinkum? I notice the OP made one post and hasn't been back for 2 months. If it's fairdinkum then I'd be into it. Although there are other options on the market. For about 2k you can get a laser scanner that will scan vehicles and such, maybe tracks, a laser beam is almost infinite, so I spose you could guestimate that any laser scanner is capable of doing a track.

    I suppose what it boils down to is much like Raido stated, is it affordable for volunteer's?
  11. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    It'd have to be free in my view.

    Track accuracy is important, but when the free community can simply grab data from existing projects with good data in them, then they would be crazy to spend money to get a similar quality of data.

    Avoiding those sources, simply spending time and free resources can result in a good quality approximation of a track. Lots of test driving and reviewing HD videos and photographs etc.

  12. markshires


    LIDAR Tracks

    I have experience in working with LIDAR data and I can tell you that it is entirely possible to produce any track from LIDAR data with extreme accuracy, I have been producing the tracks now for the last 4 years.

    Have a look at my website
  13. Raido


    That's good to hear Mark. So, which track did you have in mind for scanning?
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