Building Pits


I am having trouble building my pits

1. it has my pits set just past start finish and i want to move it before the start finish
I can't drag the pit nodes from on the track to different positions (i can move the two nodes it gives you that are off the track)

2. do you just create a open ended track to use as the pit lane?

Is there a tutorial anywhere that would help with setting up the pit lane?

Thank you for continued help


Erwin Greven

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You can use an open track for your pitlane, but also terrain can be used. I do that a lot.

Your pit nodes can be moved only in the 3D screen, not in the 2D view.
As above, zoom into the nodes, uncheck centre line and then move the pit nodes.

Another good way to do the pits road is to change the cross section before and after the pits and make the edges wider, so you have a very wide piece of tar that can be used as the pits. Ask if you need more help on how to do that.


You guys know everything. I have the pits looking nice. Grass is going in slowly around the track.
Now I want to figure out how to add a sand trap around one of the corners.


Pic 1: Make a 'TEST' track, where you can try various road/terrain/texture variations. This will help you experiment without making a big mess with a track you really like.

3-5:You can use either a new track or the terrain, as stated. One way I make pit road is to make sure the track where the pits are going to be is pretty much flat. Then create the pit road track over the top of the racing track. Pushing 'M' will show the placement of the racing tracks nodes so you can grab the pit road nodes and place them on top. This forces pit road to be exactly the elevation and curvature of the racing track. Now create two new nodes just inside the outermost two, by pushing 'ctrl' and left-click the mouse. Once you do this, you go to the 2d screen, highlight all the pit nodes, except the outer two, leaving them attached to the race track, and pull all of them together to the side of the track where you want the pits to be. Done.

2: (oops) Fine tune the transition of pit road by using the cross-section editor. That way you can blend the two surfaces together, using the 3d view. I used two obviously different textures (very crude and quickly) to show the blend area. Identical textures would look nearly seamless.

Widening the track, while a good way to add width, can also over-stretch the texture and distort the look in-game. Keep in mind realism is becoming more of a key factor, now with HD photo textures and higher end pc's.


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