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Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by 2re, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. 2re


    As the title says.

    I've had RBR since the demo and over the years turned it upside down and sideways, in game too.
    My RBR folder is cluttered with old addons. I walked away from it half baked the last time I was going to clean up the mess.
    I just don't feel like hunting down and testing every little bit of mod updates again.
    I've just done that with LFS and GTR Evo tonight, and I'm far from finished.

    I have RSBR but not installed. Seams like a "heavy" task to set it up.
    I would be perfectly happy with an updated version of the original install, would be great for backup purposes too.

    Would you like to take part in this adventure?
    Perhaps I can build a 2011 "All In One" installer package with what we select.

    So what do you suggest we replace in the original install?
  2. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

    I can't see myself playing the game without RSRBR anymore.

    It's not a heavy task at all. After you have the game and patches installed, RSRBR is just 3 steps away: installing the mod itself, a couple of updates, and car packs.

    Other than that, I don't use that much extra stuff. Just the HDR plugin, and that gauger plugin that doesn't work with HDR :(
  3. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    I appreciate your idea and ambition to streamline a "all in one" install pkg for for the original RBR, but for me so much has changed since the introduction of the RSBR mod, in most cases definitely for the better. I can't see myself going back to the original, any time soon :).

    The French creator's behind the RSBR mod, have done a fantastic job keeping this game up-to date with new cars/track/mods etc imo, and from my observations they seem to have a great support network around them. It's very obvious once you spend a bit of time with the RSBR mod it's a ongoing labour of love for those guy's, a lot effort with i guess no financial reward?

    If you haven't already, i highly recommend giving the RSBR 2010 mod a go. You might find navigating through the user interface awkward at first, however it becomes second nature in no time.

    There's quite a few improvements to mention, but the main ones i like are the built in user interface.. it's practical/functional and selecting multiple mods from the drop down menu's is hassle free. And apart from the huge selection of tracks (community made & BTB) and car's + different class's, the ability to use all of this coupled to a bug free internet interface (online competition) is hard to beat.

    IMO the RSBR2010 mod pkg is streamlined to my liking, eg: get RSBR2010 core pkg, get up to date Track & Car pkg, get the 6 updates req'd and that's it, you should now have the 100% bug free RSBR2010 install. Until RSRBR2011 is released the only updates you will be making will be to the car/track packs + the periodic module updates, like i said there's 6 at the moment.

    I have seen on other websites people saying negative things about the RSBR mod eg: can't get it to work (then the complaints start) etc.
    The RSBR mod has a install priority order that has to be followed (refer to stickies) this will ensure a 100% bug free install, otherwise you might be joining the list of "it's to hard to deal with camp":confused:.

    Try it out (give it some time) and see if you still feel the same way, before embarking on your epic adventure :redface:.
  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson

    Hello, this was the reason i decieded to buy the game after seeing the RSBR2010 mod, discussed on youtube
    and was hopeing its a good as they say, looks like it from what ive read.
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