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buildar.exe "help" vdg3d project WIP

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Civic_91, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Civic_91


    Hello I am the creator of the track vdg3d bridge "PORTUGAL" I am converting my project back to the "Racer" but I'm here with a problem I wanted to protect my files and I'm not already tried the use buildar.exe but does not create the file track.ar appreciate the help thanks.

    Here I leave a video project
  2. boomer541


    Instructions for builder:
    BuildAr v1.0 --- Use to create data.ar file
    Racer's archive builder.
    To put up a threshold for relentless copying and usage of models/tracks,
    this utility packs up a number of files into a single .ar file.
    The compression format is not one of the generally available formats
    (like Zip, Rar, LHA etc). Furthermore, no decoding can be done with this
    utility, so that even if this program is leaked, you still can't access
    the files within the .ar files.
    Racer notes (07-12-01):
    - v0.4.9 will only read car DOF files from the .ar file.
    To use this feature, put all dof's and buildar.exe in an empty folder, build a ar.bat.txt file of your DOF files like:
    buildar data.ar body.dof tire1.dof tire2.dof tire3.dof tire4.dof
    Note that the "data.ar" filename is fixed and must be in the directory.
    save and save as ar.bat, double click on ar.bat and put data.ar in car/track folder
    After this, get rid of the actual .dof files, since they'll take precedence over any files in the archive.
    - Track DOF packing is supported in the same way; name the .ar file "track.ar".
    - Image reading will also be supported in the (not so near) future. nyi
    - Same perhaps for .ini/.crv files.
    Dolphinity/Ruud van Gaal, 7-12-01
    To generate a dof list:
    dir *.dof /B > doflist.txt
  3. Civic_91


    Thank you very much =DDDDDDD it works