Featured Build 1.4.9 of Automobilista Released Today!

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    AMS Update 1.4.9.jpg
    Reiza Studios have released build 1.4.9 for Automobilista today, potentially one of the final updates to the simulation before it reaches its final finished state.

    The new release for AMS brings with it plenty of improvements and fixes to the title such as AI enhancements and DRS tweaks, however perhaps most of the attention today will be focused around some fairly substantial changes and additions to the simulation, namely the brand new turbo model introduced to several cars and trucks, the new MetalMoro AJR prototype car, substantial HUD improvements and innovations and of course the 2017 Spielberg revamp.. so plenty to get stuck in to for players next time you restart your Steam account.

    Build 1.4.9 Update Notes:

    • Added Metalmoro AJR Prototype series
    • Added turbo model (used by cars in F-Classic, Lancer Cup, Mini, Metalmoro MR18 & AJR, F-Truck series)
    • Season Tool: Added calendar generation support; added additional track filters for series/type/venue/no of ai supported; added randomize action to selected calendar
    • Fixed a bug that would cause timing issues on first lap of rolling start
    • Added skip race button to championships events where a DLC track is not owned
    • Prevented pit fixtures from loading whilst a player is on track online (should reduce stutter when a new player joins)
    • Removed race percentage as a race length type option, added a Distance option
    • Added protection so that FFB isn´t run when in the options screen
    • Added time out failsafe to the finish session button, only allow 2 times the fastest lap of the session or 1/4 of the session time if no lap set yet, before being able to press next session
    • Removed race percentage time scale option
    • Improved Fuel Rate calculations to use a rolling 5 lap average for AI & Player
    • Adjusted fuel warning to when you have less than 3 complete laps of fuel left and disabled it when fuel consumption is disabled
    UI & HUD
    • Revamped native HUD & TV overlay system
    • Added ability to customize HUD layout with customingamelayoutini (See support folder - read notes in the file!)
    • DynHUD is now disabled by default (can be enabled back in AMS Config)
    • Replaced UI font
    • Fixed loading screen text sizing at different resolutions
    • Updated championship mode UI
    • Tweaked team name sorting code so that teams no longer require unique names (removing V12, V10, 2015, 2017 suffixes)
    • Combined Online Chat & Timing Monitor screens
    • Fixed last car disappearing on timing screen when a player is removed before starting a race
    • Added new interior and exterior curb samples (currently only in Formula V10)
    • Fixed possible occasional clicks and pops in audio (mostly noticeable on curbs / some engine sounds)
    • Fixed external shift sound sometimes producing artifacts when vehicle is far away
    • Slightly refactored external audio filter (should sound nicer when approaching / leaving camera)
    • Sound now pans from one side to the other in tracking external cameras (can be tweaked from PLR file)
    • Reverb level in surround mode can be adjusted per speaker from PLR file
    • Ambient sounds have been refactored, they are now in mp3 format and can be unique per track
    • Added new track announcer voice sound effects
    • Crowds now have two levels, excited and normal (more to come later)
    • Pit sound effects play only if you are in actual pit (be it viewing your own or opponent vehicle)
    • Disabled pitSounds and Ambient sounds for Audio PostFX on low setting
    • Announcer and crowd sounds are not played in test day / time trial
    • All vehicle sounds should now be in center / not panned to side regardles of audio output configuration, if wav files don't have any pan in them
    • Fixed spotter spotting other vehicles when private qualifying is active (needs more testing)
    • Fixed bumpstop sound being triggered too often over curbs causing some clicks
    • Menu UI sounds do not produce clicks anymore if cursor is moved quickly over them
    • Reverb is muted when switching cameras
    • Ambient sound volume/pan is randomized slightly when switching external cameras
    • Adjusted AI so that its less affected when driving side by side or when a drive quickly approaches from behind
    • Minor fix to reduce AI pulling to the inside when quite far behind other cars and approaching corners
    • Toned down AI "Sudden Move" scalar in all cars
    • Reduced AI aggression in all formula cars
    • Corrected DRS zone ends at Spielberg, Hockenheim, Kansai (preventing AI from flapping wing open/closed in post DRS braking zones)
    • Added 2 new clear / slightly clouded sky sets
    • Minor LOD adjustments to F-Vintage, F-Vee
    • Increased P2P power in StockV8, Montana
    • Spielberg: Complete track revamp to 2017 version & updated graphics
    • Cascavel: Reduced garage depth to stop cars crashing into pit wall leaving garages
    • Velopark: Fixed object popping in back straight
    • Adelaide: Fixed Supertruck Ramp Material sound
    • F-Vee: Updated external sounds
    • F-Dirt: Updated external sounds
    • SuperTruck: Reduced AI aggression
    • Ultima: Added LSD to road cars
    • Super V8: Adjusted AI fuel estimating
    • F-V12: minor tire adjustments
    • F-Classic: minor tire adjustments
    • F-Vintage: Minor AI tweak
    • F-Ultimate: Minor AI tweak
    • Mini: Fixed max number of opponents to 23
    • Metalmoro MR18: Adjusted fuel estimates
    • F-Classic: Added analogue cockpit configuration option; Fixed mirrors texture size, material mapping, overexposure, distortion
    • TC Classics: Updated cockpit textures (now all cockpits are in the main bodywork color and cockpit, roll cages can be skinned independently); Fixed various minor graphical glitches; Updated community skins; increased engine inertia; Fixed wrong VX IDs

    Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation is still on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled LogitechG29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

    If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread (make sure to check the opening post first).

    If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.

    If you want to know more about the new MetalMoro AJR Prototype, check out the preview article HERE.

    Automobilista is a PC exclusive racing game from Reiza Studios, and can be purchased from the Steam network.

    AMS Update 1.4.9 2.jpg AMS Update 1.4.9 3.jpg

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    Have you tried the new update yet? What do you think of the latest build and new content added to the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Newproto


    I already tested it, it's fantastic. Red Bull Ring now looks amazing. :thumbsup:
    Very seriously redesigned HUD.

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  3. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Gosh!...it is hard to imagine how much work is involved in Sim Development until you see each update log and although this is quite small compared to others it still amazes me that there is still work to do. The latest build is fantastic and the new AJR is just superb...and with v1.5 just around the corner I personally would have to say I am REALLY looking forward to Reiza's next Sim based on the exceptional work they have done on Automobilista.:D
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  4. BillGuy


    Thank you Reiza!

    Unlike the plugin HUDs, it seems to me that the new HUD apparently doesn't require any specific version of d3d9.dll. I base this on the fact that the GID installation I was using in 1.4.8 continues to work. Makes sense since the new HUD is "integral" to the game.

    My question on the new HUD is what is meant by the line "It's not possible to modify the MFD" in the sample config file? Is MFD referring to the entirety of the new HUD or some specific portion/element of it? I'm basically just wondering if it's possible to hide some of the HUD elements.
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  5. Buster


    Very happy :D..love this sim and it just keeps getting better and better :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  6. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    Finally got my wheel sorted......nice update and addition to the game!
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  7. rancer890


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  8. ShredatorFIN


    The new HUD is nice. Works well on triple screen out of the box. Very slick and modern look compared to old. MetalMoro is also pretty cool, thanks Reiza
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  9. Jamie Blewitt

    Jamie Blewitt

    Reiza continue to knock it out of the park with this game. The new HUD is fantastic and the game really feels like a quality finish product. Updates have come regularly and each one brings improvements, I can't wait to see what they can do with their new title which is under development.

    I did not buy AMS until pretty late in the development cycle thinking it was just an RF1 spin off, how wrong I was. Can't recommend this game enough to any serious sim racers.
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  10. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Hands down!
    The best money I've ever spent on any simracing title...and I've been doing this for a very long time.
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  11. Martin Fiala

    Martin Fiala

    Just spent an hour with the new update on stream. It's great as always. The Metalmoro is a great car in all four versions (I think I like the Judd one most), even though it definitely takes some getting used to. Same goes for the new HUD - looks very nice, just need to get used to it, I kept glancing at the wrong places.

    Funny thing, though - I did a 10 minute race with the Metalmoro on Interlagos with 15 AI cars, fell down to last place, but pretty much on the last lap, most of the field just crashed out and DNF'd, leaving me on the podium :) At one point, there was cars and car parts everywhere :D Quite unexpected ;)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
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  12. schlitty


    I believe MFD = The window that you can cycle through in the bottom right. It can't be moved/adjusted like everything else.
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  13. m_mirk


    Love it. The Metalmoro is so much fun! I somehow feel guilty for getting this brilliant stuff for free...:inlove:
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  14. Jim Liak

    Jim Liak

    Hi , i have no AA in game. Any fix?
  15. Martin Fiala

    Martin Fiala

    If you're on Windows 10 and nVidia and are using the advanced AA modes, you might need to use the nVidia Inspector and set your AA compatibility to "Diablo 3" to get it working again.
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  16. KODIAK

    V8 Supercars is the best! Premium

    The game that keeps on giving!

    thanks for your devotion and support! I look forward to your future releases.

    *just went for a spin ingame and the new font and gui on track is very nice. minimal yet informative.

    time to go give the trucks a test drive
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  17. Tony

    APIA RACING Staff Premium

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  18. Patrick van der Meulen

    Patrick van der Meulen

    What a great (and beautiful) car to drive, drove it only with the Honda turbo engine, but wow! And what an improvement on the HUD! And all other small but big impact improvements. And the new UI font is way better, UI feels a bit more slick and smooth with it. Love it!
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  19. jason_peters


    Such a shame no VR
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  20. Alexandre Costa

    Alexandre Costa

    I can't wait to see Reiza's next title. Great job as usual.:thumbsup:
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