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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Si_Crewe, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Si_Crewe


    Hi folks.

    I've seen quite a lot of negative response to F1 2010 due to the bugs and, TBH, it's starting to become a bit depressing to read.

    Am I the only one who doesn't actually have much of a problem with most of the "bugs"?

    Seems like the penalty system comes in for a lot of criticism but, frankly, it really hasn't bothered me that much.
    It can be a little harsh if an AI drives into the back of you and you get a penalty but I've found that, quite simply, if that's happening a lot then the simplest solution is just to dial down the AI skill level a bit so you're competing with drivers who aren't much faster than you.
    I know a lot of people might crank up the AI skill as a challenge but that just makes you a mobile chicane and a target for penalties. Reduce the AI skill a bit and the problem goes away. Mostly.

    The pitlane "bug" is another thing that comes up a lot.
    I simply don't see this as an issue at all.
    Sure, the lollipop man can be a bit timid when releasing you but, to me, getting leapfrogged in the pits is all part of the F1 experience.

    Overall, speaking as a PC user, F1 2010 is the best F1 sim I've played in over a decade.
    I've bought every Geoff Crammond game that's been made but GP4 is just too unstable to play.
    Thus, F1 2010 is a breath of fresh air IMO. :D

    I don't mean to be controversial BTW.
    If discussing this sort of thing isn't the "done thing" around here, please let me know.
  2. Kraken


    A bit timid is a bit of an understatement. On the recommended strategy it's possible to go into the pits in the top 5 and come out last.

    I think some of the bugs are definitely urban legend but the ones surrounding pitstops are real as CM themselves have apologised and suggested workarounds for them on their own forum.
  3. Daniel Higgins

    Daniel Higgins

    I dont have problems with bugs, just pit later than everyone else and you hardly get another car in pits at same time


    If you start on prime tires and pit later than rest of field (as most have options on) nearly all AI seem to pit. I was going to post this in CM forums as a work around but it seems to work only 90% of the time.

    Corrupt save is easy to work around just go to Q and then back out if you want.
  4. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    i dont really have a problem with the pit stops if you can put a slight bit of distance between you and the next couple of cars before pitting then it really isnt a problem i can usually get out of the pits in about 4 secs when its clear and thats with my lotus but being held up does happen sometimes but it just encourages me to drive faster when i get out of the pits to get a top 3 finish.

    The penalties are abit strict i have noticed i get 10 sec penalties for clipping the apex and it would be my first time for a corner cutting violation but the majority of the time its just warnings but sometimes i think the judges are just having bad days ha but the ai does give me a headache i was racing last night and was side by side with button he started turning into me and i moved over slightly to get out of the way when i got out ahead due to early braking he hit the back of me and got DQ'd because i got one warning before that for rubbing of the side of him slightly but overall the bugs are not too much of a problem but sometimes they are a pain but i just deal with it what else can you do?
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